Photography Services

Because I rely on my photography to help support my family, I will also be offering unique photographic services directly through this blog! 


Small Business Photography

Do you have a mailable product that needs photography in a modern, simplistic environment? Or perhaps you're a maker and you have an item or piece of clothing you think would look great in a more lifestyle type environment - on one of our lovely vacations? Maybe you're a food blogger in need of photography and a space to cook your recipes...


Tailored and Individually Priced 

Have I piqued your interest yet? Great! Feel free to shoot me an email, explaining your creative vision for your unique product photography. We'll chat a bit and then I create a quote based on your product value, number of images needed, time/talent needed, etc. Each client will receive high res, edited images with full rights so you can share your images in ads, social media, and in print! 


Need advertisement too?

If your product is something that aligns with our style and needs, not only can I provide photography, I can also feature your item on our blog and/or my social media accounts!

I hope to be able to start these services soon after my launch and I cannot WAIT to work with you!

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