Places We Love: Alys Beach

Our family was recently able to get away for a few days to the beautiful sandy beaches of Highway 30a. For us, quick weekend getaways are a must - especially after times when we've been working on the house nonstop. It's so good for me to get away, get inspired, and come home and see my own space with fresh eyes. And if you ever want to get inspired, Alys Beach is the place to go. Now, our little DIY family can't quite afford to stay in a luxury villa in Alys but wanna know our secret? There's this little hidden gem nestled right in between Alys and Rosemary Beach. It's called Seacrest Beach. And there are so many affordable studios in Seacrest that are walking distance to all the fancy IG-worthy spots. Not to mention there's this time in late February-early March that all the locals call "Pre-Spring," when the weather is just right and the crowds are nowhere to be seen. I'll take a week at the beach in February any day vs a hot crowded week during the summer! 

We spent most of our days enjoying breakfast at Fonville Press, letting the kids run around on the amazing astro-turf play area in Alys Beach, and relaxing on the white sandy beaches. Our studio had the most amazing facilities! A hot tub, a heated pool, and a huuuuge kid's pool. Believe it or not, our kids were February! 

We feel so blessed to have been able to get away. Now vacations with kids are NEVER perfect although the photos lead you to believe so. We still deal with hangry kids, early wake-up calls, and meltdowns. My friend Grace (who has 8 kids) once said "Vacation is real life, but in a different {better} setting." But we feel SO thankful to have done life in a setting as beautiful as this one...