People We Love: Ben Uyeda

We interrupt our previously scheduled bathroom detail post to bring you this message. Partially because once I feel inspiration I need to just roll with it and partially because Jarrod is working on the detailed how-to renderings of our IKEA countertop remnant floating shelves (I probably need to shorten that title) and who knows when those will get done. One day we hope to live the dream of working on our house and this blog full time but until then, it's a 40-50 hour a week work schedule for him. Cubicle life. Meh.

Jarrod recently showed me a how-to video for a modern concrete stool by Homemade Modern. "Awesome!", I thought. An easy project to do with the kids and Jude needs a bedside table anyways! I asked Jarrod "Should we contact the designer and ask his permission to share images of our family working on his project?" And then he was all like "Um, I have a Ted Talk to show you." And then by the end of the Ted Talk I was in tears. You can view it here.

We've embarked on many different creative ventures, one being a leather business (Hide & True) that started off with a great idea, became semi-successful pretty quickly, and then eventually came to a quiet ending. I often wondered why that was. And then after watching Ben Uyeda speak, it became quite evident as to why. Jarrod spend almost year of his free time, hammering away (literally) in the basement at a design he came up with the previous year. Reproducing, reproducing, reproducing. New idea? That would only get in the way. People wanted the old idea and they wanted 7 of them tomorrow. He soon suffered burn-out and we both slipped into some sort of creative hibernation.

"The surest way to run out of new ideas is to hold on tightly to old ideas."

We hope that during our second go-around we can go about the creative process a little differently. We hope to continually push and challenge ourselves to work together to always improve and welcome new ideas. Whether it be improving our 75 year old house or our 35 year old selves. 

You can watch the how-to video for this amazing DIY concrete stool here. It was such an easy project and definetely something the kids can help with!