3 Hard-to-Kill Houseplants

Hello, friends! As you may already know, I’m a freelance photographer and work consistently with both brands + families. And on top of all that…this spring I took on a job managing social media for a local business. Soooo one job + another job + being a full time mom = a neglected blog. It happens! The good thing about a blog is that you can always come back to it…as long as you keep paying for your domain. :) The business I’m working for is a plant shop, so since I’ve had plants on the brain for the past several months I thought that would be a fun topic to dive into!

I admit, some plants I’ve owned have come and gone BUT I’ve also had the same 3 houseplants for over 2 years and consider them “hard to kill.” If you really take the time to get to know these plants and learn about what it takes to keeps them happy, they will be with you a LONG time. I suggest purchasing from a local garden shop vs. a big box hardware store because you not only will get a higher quality plant, but you will also be able to interact with a very knowledgable staff of plant lovers that can help you with any plant care questions you may have.

1) Snake Plant: My absolute favorite houseplant because of it’s adaptability and architectural shape. This plant has always done well in my home because it can tolerate a wide range of light conditions. My home has great light in the winter months but lives under several shade trees during the summer. I only water mine once a month and fertilize once a year. So far so good!

2) Aloe: I’ve had the same Aloe Plant in my kitchen for almost 3 years! Since it’s a succulent, it’s a little bit needier when it comes to light but I still consider it an easy-care plant. Do not place this plant in a dark room - the Aloe loves bright, consistent light. It only needs to be watered once every few weeks- I may even water mine less. Be sure that your Aloe is placed in a pot that can drain well and use a special potting soil just for cactus + succulents.

3) Pothos: Who doesn’t love a Pothos plant? I love the balance that the Pothos brings to my spaces- so often I choose plants that are straight and architectural but I love the trailing stems and heart-shaped leaves of this little guy! This is another plant that can tolerate low-light which is another reason why he is so happy in my home. Wanna know the best thing about a Pothos? It speaks to you and tells you what it needs! When the leaves start to curl inward slightly, you know it’s time for a good watering. I water mine once a week, or once every other week in the summer when my house is a little more humid than usual. Keep the Pothos out of direct sun - it prefers filtered light and once again, make sure he is a pot that has drain holes.

Now where to find a good planter?? I’m so glad you asked! I rounded up my favorite pots + planters to share with you!

Many of these planters do not have drain holes so I recommend leaving your new plant in the plastic container and removing the plant when you water. I usually water my plants in the bathtub or sink.